How to Care for Your Lace Curtains

All Heritage Lace products are 100% polyester… except as noted in below:

  • Cotton Natural Blend – 70%/30% or 60%/40% cotton/polyester.
  • European Macrame Lace – 67% polyester/33% cotton. Available boucle sheer material custom-sewn to macrame lace is 100% polyester.
  • Fine Linens – content varies by collection; refer to product / collection descriptions.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do NOT bleach. Lay flat or hang to dry. Touch up with cool iron if desired, except as noted below:

  • Accents & Doily Sets: Specially treated to hang properly so laundering is not recommended.
  • Wall decor: Designs and appliques are colorfast, machine washable.
  • Crushed Lace: Ironing not recommended.
  • Fringed Lace: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Do not bleach. Take care not to tangle fringes (band long fringes together for easier handling). Hang, gently separate fringes and allow to air-dry.
  • Linens: Varies by product; refer to product / collection descriptions.
  • Wall Art, Pendant Lighting, and Roller Shades: Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Choosing the Right Curtain Rods for Your Lace Curtains

There are two types of hardware / curtain rods that can be used when hanging lace curtains:

Tension Rod – used on the inside of the trim. A tension rod relies on pressure to hold the rod in place.

Projection Rod – this type of curtain rod projects outward from the window 1 1/4″ to 3″ depending upon the projection needed to clear other types of shades that may be hanging in the window.

Note: All rods are adjustable to the correct length needed for your window. Standard rod pocket is 1.5″ unless noted. The rod diameter should be less than 1″.

How Many Curtains Do I Need Per Window?

Fullness is a matter of taste. Generally, curtains should be two or more times the width of the window. The more material you use, the less pattern you will see. We suggest 2x the width of the window but have on occasion used less when we really wanted to show off a particular pattern.

Determining Lace Width Requirements for Your Windows

The fullness of your lace curtain may vary from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 times the width of your window. Valances, tiers, swags, and panels by Heritage Lace vary in width from 42″ to 60″ wide depending on the style and pattern.

Most of our measurements are tip to tip. This is from the very top of the curtain to the very bottom. It includes the rod pocket, header and hem or to the longest bottom scallop. The rod pocket is a “sleeve” for the rod to slide through. Standard rod pocket is 1.5″ unless noted. The rod diameter should be less than 1″. The header is above the rod pocket. Hem depths vary by pattern.

Tip: Always use a metal rule when measuring for curtains.
Note: Actual fabric dimensions may vary slightly from published sizes.

What Is the Difference Between White, Off-White, Ecru, Linen and Antique Colors?

WHITE – similar to the color of copy paper
OFF-WHITE – similar to the color of old china
ECRU – similar to the color of a manilla folder
CAFÉ – the color of coffee with lots of cream
ANTIQUE– similar to the color of golden caramelSee the Heritage Lace Color Chart

Lace Curtain Shapes and Styles

Swag Pair
Composed of two pieces with long drop to frame the window. The length varies from pattern to pattern. 32″ to 63″. This style is usually used on a single window, but can also be used on a multiple window by adding a valance(s) between the short part of the swag.

Fan Swag
Composed of one piece which is best used on a single window. Length on sides is approximately 48″. Dip in center 27″-30″. In the case of the English Ivy pattern, a ribbon can be strung in the dip and pulled up to create a balloon effect.
(Photo shown with Fan Swag & Panel)

One piece curtain made to cover the top portion of the window. The drop varies from 11″ to 22″ according to pattern.

A tier is hung from the middle of the window and normally hangs to the sill or even an inch or so below the apron (trim under the sill). Tiers usually come in 24″, 30″ or 36″ lengths.
(Photo shown with Swag Pair, Valance & Tiers)

Lace panels are similar to tiers except that they are hung at the top of the window rather than from the center. Panels are versatile in that they may be left hanging straight, tied back, or criss-crossed and tied. Panel lengths vary by pattern from 45″ to 96″. Panels may be hung to rest on the sill, several inches below the sill or even to 1″ of the floor for a more formal look. If, however, there is heat on the wall, the panel should hang at least 8″ above the heat.

Door / Sidelight Panels
Door panels are 36″ to 72″ long x 48″ wide. Sidelight panels are 36″ to 72″ long but only 24″ wide. If your door glass opening is 36″ or 63″ high (up and down) it is best to use the next longer panel.